Ethics Statement

At I Love My Pickle, building trust with readers is my highest priority. That’s why sponsored content will always be clearly labeled. If a post includes sponsored material or products provided to me for free, I will state this upfront.

I take sponsored partnerships very seriously. Before working with a brand, I ensure we share common values and have your best interests in mind. Sponsors enable me to create helpful content and never constrain my editorial independence. Mutual understanding comes before mutual benefit.

Most products I review or recommend are personally purchased at full price. Sometimes companies offer products in hopes I will review them, but freebies never sway my impartial opinions. My obligation is to provide honest assessments – positive or negative.

All content on I Love My Pickle stems from my own interests and what I feel best serves readers. Each article or review solely reflects my own views shaped by hands-on experience. And I alone decide what is worth covering, as well as when and how it’s published.

By clearly outlining my editorial policies upfront, I want visitors to feel complete confidence in recommendations made on I Love My Pickle. Please let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to further discuss my approach to sponsored content and product coverage. My commitment is to value our relationship above all else through useful advice and transparency.

  • My reviews aim to be as objective as possible. The opinions in my blogs are my own.
  • I alone decide when content is posted. Though I’m open to suggestions, no external party impacts my scheduling decisions.
  • I provide transparent disclosures around sponsored content. If I showcase a free product, I note it could influence my review.
  • I work with established brands that align with my values. I favor finished consumer products rather than unfinished prototypes.
  • I strive to share helpful, relevant details on each product. If I’m unsure how something works, I’ll research it further.
  • Any paid promotion is clearly labeled.
  • I’m happy for others to share my articles if they link to the original. Re-uploads are not allowed.
  • I make no guarantees on view counts or engagement. I write articles I feel passionately about and let the rest follow.
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