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Welcome to I Love My Pickle – your home for all things pickleball! The fast-growing paddle sport sweeping courts across the country has captured our hearts. Here you’ll get your fill of pickleball content to satisfy even the most devout player.

So what exactly is pickleball? Pickleball is a mashup of tennis, badminton, and ping pong played with solid plastic balls and oversized paddles on a small badminton court with a slightly lowered net. The silly name comes from the “pickle boat” term in rowing for a mixed crew team. But don’t let the funny name deter you – as more courts convert unused tennis courts with pickleball lines, the sport’s popularity continues rising exponentially.

Pickleball rules blend facets of various racket sports into a fun game for all ages. The serve must be made underhand, keeping rallies friendly for newbies. Players utilize pickleball strategies involving their two-handed backhand and forehand groundstrokes, overhead smashes, and dink shots off the bounce. Volleying within the non-volley zone near the net is prohibited. Double bounce rules apply, and games are played to 11 points, winning by 2.

Part of the appeal lies in the game’s accessibility. The compact court size, basic rules, manageable paddles and plastic wiffle-style balls allow anyone to pick up pickleball quickly. Yet there’s still ample opportunity for advanced players to showcase paddling prowess and strategic court positioning against opponents. The resulting addictive, competitive gameplay makes for an incredibly fun, social experience!

Here at I Love My Pickle, we embrace everything pickleball has to offer. From gear guides outlining ideal paddle attributes and grip tape recommendations to tips on spin serves and how to attack lobs…if it’s tangentially pickleball-related, we cover it. Tourney previews? Check. Places to play? We’ve got ‘em mapped out. Interviews with pro players on the rise? You know it. No niche is too small for our pickleball fanatics.

So take a poke around our virtual halls. Get insight from our resident experts and fans in the community. Find everything you ever wanted to know about pickleball — and all the sweet, juicy shots you never thought to ask for in the first place. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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